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Preview: UK Music Video Awards 2013

Monday 28 October 2013

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The Music Video Awards is the annual celebration of all things music video and music moving image. It celebrates the very best of British and international music videos and the talent behind them. Ahead of tonight’s event at the Southbank Centre in London, take a look over the nominees.

Our Pick: Zomby ‘With Love’ (up for Best UK Dance)
Using four tracks from Zomby’s forthcoming With Love album, London-based director Ollie Evans delivers an emotional study of ‘still life’ in his promo for the UK electronic producer.

“Zomby’s music is so rich and full of emotion that it inspired me to want to create a music video that explored the human condition.

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating a tableau vivant in slow motion for a while and this seemed a good opportunity to explore that combination with the circle of life concept. I find that there is something very contemplative and thought provoking about watching people stand still in emotive poses and I thought the contrast of that stillness would work in harmony with the depth of the music.”
Ollie Evans – Director.

Best Rock/Indie Budget: Half Moon Run ‘Call Me in the Afternoon’
“I’ve been a huge fan of this Montreal-born band for a while and I’m a fan of this video. I like the treatment and the whole aesthetic of the visuals.”
Shane Hawkins – Editorial Assistant, Wonderland.

Best Styling: Iggy Azealia ‘Work’
“The styling plays such a major part in this video, Iggy looks amazing in every scene, she has a strong and individual look. This video introduces Iggy as a ‘stylish’ artist, which for me is the power of good styling.”
Heather Falconer – Freelance Stylist and Editor of Spindle Magazine.

Best Cinematography: Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal
“I’ve chosen this one in particular because it uses a blend of extreme wides, which give a sense of epicness to the journey, but then they’re accentuated with beautiful close-ups of our hero, which make it a much more personal experience. That, teamed with some stunning shots of our hero silhouetted against the sun and sea make it a really eye-pleasing film.”
Luis Martin – Producer, The Mill.

Best Animation: Shugo Tokumaru ‘Katachi’
“When I first saw this video it was one of those moments where you stop everything and grab the closest person to you to show them. The detail in the stop-frame animation is amazing, and I don’t dare to think how long it must have taken to produce.”
Sarah Ferrari – Art Director, Spindle Magazine

You can view the full nominees here.

Image credit: Ollie Evans