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Preview: Impossible 8×8 Exhibition

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Impossible 8×8 introduces a new wave of instant photographers that were hand selected to exhibit their pieces of work. 8 photographers displaying 8 images resulting in the 8×8 Exhibition, which in turn coincides with a very exciting launch that will add another dimension into the relationship between analogue and digital photography.

This exhibition was set up by Impossible to celebrate a new technology, one that will soon be on every technology-lovers “must have” list. This exhibition is to mark the launch of the Instant Lab Universal. This product transforms the digital images on your iPhone or Android or tablet and turns them into a classic Polaroid image in an instant. This product seems to transition traditional analogue photography and update it to fit into the modern day need for everything instantly.

The Instant Lab Universal, means creating indie images is as easy as uploading them on to Instagram. This is enticing me already, I don’t know about you.

The artists that have been selected have worked from across the seas in the USA and from various corners of Europe to take part in, and somewhat challenged to, creating eight pictures using the Instant Lab.

The artists have been invited to exhibit their work in a one off show at The Hoxton Gallery in London. Running for three days, from February 20th to the 22nd (open 12pm-7pm daily) the 8×8 images will available for all to see.

And there are some amazing participants in the project too. Including Alison Mosshart of The Kills, who’s images focus on road trips and her hometown of LA, also exhibiting is Scout Willis who explores intimacy and youthful sexuality, Chuck Grant uses sister Lana Del Rey as her muse. From the UK, Kate Bellm celebrates youth and sexual freedom from all over the globe, Elegia focuses on the female body and toys with the unpredictability of the film, Andrew Millar hauntingly mixes reality and fantasy in his pieces. Paulina Surys from Poland brings a mythical element into her eight images, where as Oliver Blohm from Germany pushes the film to its limits.

It seems as though the exhibition has pushed these artists to explore this new form of photography, and the results are hugely anticipated.