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Review: Gonzalo Borondo ‘Animal’

Monday 09 February 2015
Words Ailis Mara

“When animals stop acting like animals. When humans tame humans and keep themselves away from their own instincts. When technology brings us to a reality where every day grows farther and farther away from the beginning. Overwhelmed by an awareness of our mortality, we try to beat nature for dear of its uncontrollable essence. We tame everything we encounter, even traces of the purest animallity still living inside us. We want to leave a legacy, to achieve immortality through artificiality”.

With an original love of street art and graffiti, developed further by moving to Madrid in 2003, Gonzalo Borondo began his professional artistic life after learning from his ‘master’ Jose Garcia Herranz, where he discovered traditional techniques. Borondo has exhibited all over the world, and again he is back in London with ‘Animal’.

‘Animal’ is a truly stimulating concept for an exhibition, looking at domestication and how humans constrain their natural animal instincts, and further constrain animals’ natural instincts by domesticating them. “It is what we fear that fascinates us and so we decide to subdue it, keep it in a cage and observe it from the outside”.

The exhibition is shown in eight stages, four of which are in collaboration with other artists (Carmen Maín, Despina Charitonidi and Edoardo Tresoldi). Using printed images, painted canvases, 3D structures of hay bales and even human art, this exhibition is an eye-opening event.

‘Animal’ has been curated by Rom Levy and Charlotte Dutoit and held at the LondonNewcastle Project Space on London’s Redchurch Street. It is available to view in the project space until February 26th.