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Introducing: Charlie Cunningham

Monday 30 March 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Bedfordshire boy Charlie Cunningham has just jetted back from his first headline tour of Germany and by now we’re sure he would’ve seen enough wienerschnitzel and currywurst to last him a lifetime and be glad of a good ol’ roast dinner. However, Irish bars and the chance to play his laid back acoustic bliss to the chosen few will have made the trip all the more worthwhile.

Fresh from the release of his EP, ‘Breather’, with none other than the BBC’s Huw Stevens and Steve Lamaq championing Charlie Cunningham, this sublime troubadour, in the last couple of months and it only takes one listen to realise why.

Some singer/songwriters can only function with a big band of brothers and sisters around them and there’s nothing wrong with that but Charlie Cunningham’s music feels solitary, all his own and when you listen it immediately makes it feel personal to you – meaning it’s doing exactly what it should and that makes it fucking great.

Charlie Cunningham’s EP is out now. And this artist does it properly, he’s released a 12″ vinyl. So next time you are thinking a buying a high street coffee that lasts less than 5 minutes, walk past the coffee shop and spend that 5 minutes and your 5 quid downloading this, in fact download anything instead of buying that coffee because the next music you could buy could change your life, it could change who you are or what you wear and most importantly it supports artists like Charlie Cunningham being able to share their music with the world…

Charlie will also be appearing at Live at Leeds Festival in May with some fantastic artists.