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Music Monday: Wolf Alice ‘Giant Peach’

Monday 23 March 2015
Words Alice Bell

Only a couple of weeks ago we featured the brilliant Is Tropical as our Music Monday and now they’re back, but taking the role of directors. Gareth Phillips and Simon Milner of the band go by the name ‘Sblood and have created this hilarious satirical video for Wolf Alice.

The directors had this to say:

“The band came to us with the idea that they wanted to be the biggest dicks in the world and had some cool references. We developed the idea to include a grotesque manager (Tony Gardner) and loose mockumentary style idea of them playing a gig, then shooting a terrible music video with the tension between manager and band growing.

“The idea was a real collaboration between filmmakers and the band and it felt like a very organic process. After a few iterations of the idea we developed the manager character into a self obsessed creature living in his own world. He sees the band as the best thing ever and has put a lot of effort into booking and filming an inappropriate gig in front of a handful of surprised people.

“We loved being able to cut to something totally different at the end of the video and the awful music video with a Robin Hood concept gave us our excuse. We had Ewin Macintosh, who we recognised from The Office, play a video director and the scene unfolds with the manager thinking more smoke in shot makes a better promo. We couldn’t do things twice due to time, so it helped that the band were amazing performers.

“Tony and Ewen created great characters and smashed their performances. It was brilliant being able to work with these talented actors.”