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Friday 13 March 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Cary Fagan is a photographer/director based in Houston, Texas. He’s shared with us a selection of images titled ‘Pale’, along with a behind the scenes video.

What do you like about Analogue Photography?

I don’t see how people dislike analogue photography. You can’t replicate the quality of film with any digital camera. There is something eclectic, and nostalgic about film and light. I have always been a nostalgic/mellow person, not in a negative way either. I feel like film helps me express everything that is current on my mind. I compare film to opening a gift on Christmas day.

Where do you get Inspiration?

I don’t know if I ever go to certain sources for inspiration. It’s always changing. But, honestly it can range from many things, I’ve just spent four days in LA now, and wasn’t really inspired before that. The natural light is great here, there are colors here that I never get to see in Houston. So I guess there’s a novelty aspect to me being inspired. Also, nature is very very important to me. Interaction with people and their emotions are huge inspirations for me as well. And of course constantly checking out what other artist are doing in photography and art.

How do you see the future of film?

You see film being used today for ads, I don’t think film photography will ever diminish. I actually see film picking back up in today’s world, people are enjoying the “vintage” filter that film brings.

Who are your Favorite Photographers?

Hands down. Tamara Litchenstien, Matthew Tammaro, Davis Ayer, Jeff Hahn, Jennifer Medina. And those are just to name a few, I have a list – check them out!

Do you always have a narrative before shooting?

I use to go about that approach before my shoots, but I think it’s more about getting to know the client before shooting. Don’t get me wrong, if I am uninspired at the moment I like to write down a story for the client to read. But chemistry between the client and the photographer is most important.

What can we see from you in 2015?

I am doing my very first art gallery at SXSW next week. I do plan on publishing a photo book this year, but also I really want to travel a lot more than I am now, and continue to book more clients, but also to explore more in the places I do travel to. It all plays into my work, I guess…. I think it means I want to keep on seeking more inspirations-I don’t really want spare time, and creating more with what I find. Also to work with more magazines, but also refine my own personal work.