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SXSW Interview: The Districts

Saturday 21 March 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Spindle meet up with The Districts at SXSW festival.

How’s your time in Austin been?

We got in Tuesday night and played yesterday. We’re renting a place out of town which is way cheaper than being in town, it’s kind of far out but it’s really nice and has a pool. It’s a little cold, we jumped in and couldn’t breathe.

Are you looking forward to seeing any in particular at SXSW?

Kanye West. He’s rumoured to be playing the same place as us but it’s at 4am. So we probably wont be staying up that late just to see that actually.

Have you tried any good food whilst here?

Magnolias Café is our favourite place in Austin. We always go for the Lox Platter, it’s tasty, it’s good.

What are your top 3 festivals you’d like to play at and why?

Fuji Rock festival in Japan, we’re actually playing there this year which will be cool. Sasquatch festival in Washington, its in a national park, next to this huge gorge with a river running through it, it looks so beautiful. Also Bonnaroo would be nice in Manchester, Tennessee.

Who would be the headliner if you curated a festival? Apart from yourselves of course.

Incubus… No but actually um… The Beatles. No BLACK SABBATH, with Ozzy, but Dio gets resurrected on stage as a hologram and then sings the Tenacious D song. Add a Tupac hologram on there and you’ll be good to go. He’s just the hype man though he’s not collabing. Then Sandler ends the set with Hanukah song whilst crying and Ozzy is doing Harmonies.

Name your festival.


What do you think festivals are missing? Like if you could introduce one thing, to festivals, what would it be?

More hologram make outs.

But seriously on a real answer… Prices. It’s ridiculous how expensive it is for everyone attending, they pay a bunch of money for tickets and then a bunch of money for drinks. The sponsors give artists all this free stuff that we don’t even want or need and the people paying to come don’t get any of that. The audience, the people who are enabling the festival to happen are here doing there thing, spending all of there money and then on the other side its like here take all of our free goods. We don’t want any of that, its unnecessary and wasteful. Some nicer bathrooms for those guys too, treat the audience better!

Give us your fave festival anecdote.

It’s a picture we have of our tour manager taking a selfie with Skrillex. He was taking a selfie and we captured the moment from a distance, it was a special moment. Please see below to see the moment for yourself.

image1 2

Also once at Reading we were doing this stupid dance which involved running into a wall. The security weren’t even mad at us they were just confused. Dancing and running into the wall, then other people just started joining in and it got really stupid.

If you could bring one act back from the dead who would it be?

The Clash, with Joe Strummer.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

We would start a bakery, baking pies all day. Baked goods make people happy, some old lady comes in to buy her pecan pie, like you can’t be mad and buy a pecan pie. Imagine ‘YEAH I’LL HAVE A PECAN PIE, FUCK YOU’. It just doesn’t happen, you’re always stoked and just totally ready to eat it. We would specialise in pumpkin pie. I’m just imagining though if all of us just dropped into doing that right now we’d be terrible at it. Someone would order a pie and we’d still be stood around two days later covered in flour and forget the order. Complaining that we don’t wanna be in the bakery. ‘WE’RE TRYING TO BE IN A BAND WE DON’T WANNA BE IN THIS STUPID BAKERY’.

The Districts are touring Europe starting on 9th April in Belgium and will play The Scala in London on 28th April 2015