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SXSW Interview: Laura Welsh

Friday 20 March 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Spindle catch up with Laura Welsh whilst in Austin, Texas at SXSW Festival.

How’s your time in Austin been?

It’s been really cool so far, I’m just a couple of days in. I played Hype Hotel last night which was amazing. I did a showcase for Island Records today and tomorrow I’m playing Stubbs which I’m really looking forward to, everyone keeps telling me it’s going to be really cool.

Are you looking forward to seeing any in particular at SXSW?

I love Leon Bridges, I saw a smaller show of his the other day and really want to see him again.

Have you tried any good food whilst here?

Not yet but tonight we’re going to grab food. Chicken, BBQ, everything!

What are your top 3 festivals you’d like to play at and why?

I’d quite like to play Bonnaroo in Manchester, Glastonbury – I played that for the first time last year with Gorgon City so I’d like to do that again. Coachella is top of the list too.

Who would be the headliner if you curated a festival? Apart from yourselves of course.

I’d put Prince up there, it’s hard to choose because there are loads of artists I love but yeah, Prince.

What do you think festivals are missing? Like if you could introduce one thing to festivals, what would it be?

Maybe some better maintenance on the showers at UK festivals. You know When you’re dirty after day 3 and the showers are looking disgraceful, it’s just a bit gross. To be honest though I think everyone is really nailing it.

Give us your fave festival anecdote.

At Glastonbury I was playing with the Gorgon guys. I was only supposed to stay for the day and I had a car booked for 4 or 5 in the morning. Completely missed that, and luckily managed to find my way back to the tent where all my stuff was. I have absolutely no idea how I got back there and managed to get a train back the next day but I really have no idea how, I was having a bit too much fun!

If you could bring one act back from the dead who would it be?

Ahhh such a hard question!… Kurt Cobain. Can you imagine? There’s so many people running through my head… Jim Morrison, too many.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I’d do something with photography, that’s my thing apart from music.

Laura Welsh’s record ‘Soft Control’ is out now.