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SXSW Interview: Pity Sex

Thursday 19 March 2015

Spindle meet up with Pity Sex whilst in Austin, Texas at SXSW Festival. 

How’s your time in Austin been?

We haven’t been here very long but we’re from Michigan which is really cold right now so it’s good to be here in the warm! 

Are you looking forward to seeing any in particular at SXSW?

Ice Age played right after us which was awesome, we’d been looking forward to seeing them and Title Fight right after that. If the Fader Fort will let us in it would be cool to see Mitski. Waxahatchee… we like everybody!

What are your top 3 festivals you’d like to play at and why?

We’d like to go on record saying we would love to play the Grammys, it’s not exactly a festival but it is festive..! Something in Iceland… What’s it called?… Airwaves! The Gathering would be cool too.

Who would be the headliner if you curated a festival? Apart from yourselves of course.

A hollogram of Tracy Chapman or Jewel.

What do you think festivals are missing? Like if you could introduce one thing to festivals, what would it be?

More sober people, more free stuff. I think they should give out free things that aren’t beer, we like orange juice… and soda!

Give us your fave festival anecdote.

Sean: I accidentally smiled at one of the girls from Pussy Riot. We also saw Macaulay Culkin and we were told we weren’t allowed to look him in the eyes or talk to him

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

Brennan: Most of us work as well as play music. I’d be screen printing til my joints turned to dust.
Sean: I’d probably be at Grad school studying English literature.
Britty: I work as a lab manager.
Brandan: I work full time for a non profit writing and tutoring organisation

Anything else youd like to add?

Britty: I have three snails but only 1 that I love. Theyre called Cucumber Turnip and Kale. I love cucumber. Turnip and kale don’t come out of there shells but theyre not dead they just don’t like people. Cucumber likes people, once he escaped and my room mate found him in the refrigerator.

DSC_2012 pity sex interview portrait