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SXSW Interview: Sunflower Bean

Monday 23 March 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Spindle catch up with Sunflower Bean at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

How’s your time in Austin been?

We’ve been tasting the flavour of the city, by that we mean eating a lot of tacos. We’ve been playing, eating and sleeping and that’s it. We should have been more adventurous but we’re sleepy people.

Are you looking forward to seeing any in particular at SXSW?

We’ve seen The OC’s twice. We wanna try to see Mitski and we also saw Wand twice.

Have you tried any good food whilst here?

We found a food truck where all the food was made by the winner of Top Chef. Lots of Korean and Thai food it was so good, anything Asian is our bands go to for food. Mexican food too, anything a bit spicy

What are your top 3 festivals you’d like to play at and why?

Anything. Austin Psyche fest, anything in England. Leeds, Glastonbury, The Great Escape in Brighton. FYF, Lollapalooza is classic of course, Coachella would be crazy. All of them except for Hudson Music Project.

Who would be the headliner if you curated a festival?

Julia: At the Julia Festival, that’s what it’s called, I’d have the headliner as Fat White Family. They’d be the only band playing, they have every slot on the main stage all day.

Nick: The Strokes at 8 o’clock, Robert Plant at 9 o’clock, Neil Young at 10 o’clock, Bob Dylan at 11 o’clock. The festivals in New York and its called New York, New York Festival.

Jacob: Tonstartssbandht. Its called *Shakes Head* ‘Aaauuuegghhhh’.

What do you think festivals are missing? Like if you could introduce one thing to festivals, what would it be?

Julia: Beds, portable beds.

Jacob: For a city festival like this, it should be easier to get to the venues.

Nick: Cheaper alternatives for everything, $7 for a hotdog is too much and drinks are a lot.

Give us your fave festival anecdote.

We have a problem with water, we’re always getting rained off, our amps are always getting flooded. We were loading on stage at Hudson Music Project and all of a sudden there’s a Tornado warning and the whole thing got shut down. Everyone had to leave and we had to leave all of our gear there. There was a river running down the middle of the field which was filled with horse shit. 10,000 hippies were floating down a river of mud. After the rain storm loads of people were trapped in their cars for days because of the mud. It was the worst festival in history.

If you could bring one act back from the dead who would it be?

Jacob: Lou Reed, back in the day when he wasn’t making his album with Metallica.

Nick: Jimmy Hendrix, someone who was so innovative and struck down before his time.

Julia: John Lennon, it sounds lame but just to hear what else he would have made. He’s become such a cultural icon it would be interesting to see what happened with him.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

Jacob: I’d be an Uber Exec driver, one of the ones with the water bottles.

Julia: I’d be in a house somewhere making wacko art.

Nick: I’d be an Author, writing non-fiction, some biographies, some historical fiction, some westerns.

Sunflower Bean’s EP ‘Show Me Your Seven Secrets’ is out now.