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New Video: Who Is Fancy

Tuesday 10 March 2015

The answer to who is Who Is Fancy is as sought after as ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg’. The anonymity of this American singer has been even more deeply rooted after the release of his debut single ‘Goodbye’.

Why have one video for a track when you can have three? Who Is Fancy released the visuals for debut single ‘Goodbye’ at the end of February. The set of videos not only draw on the artist’s ambiguous identity, but also identity in general. Transforming the protagonists of each narrative into industry stereotypes. Is this a dig at the music business? Is Who Is Fancy highlighting the unnecessary need for another Justin Beiber? Perhaps.

It seems that Who Is Fancy is becoming a slight viral phenomenon. Using the #IAmFancy tag has encouraged fans to share why they’re fancy, and the reasons are pretty beautiful. “#IAmFancy because I’m stronger on the inside every day”, and others along those lines, flood Who Is Fancy’s social media.

We’re not quite sure who is, but when the message he’s putting across is that strong, and clearly positive, who really cares?