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Adults Like Colouring Too

Tuesday 07 April 2015
Words Ailis Mara

So, the second ‘Best Selling’ book on Amazon right now is a colouring book. For adults. A book for adults who like to colour. Now you may be thinking, “that’s ridiculous, what adult wants to sit and colour?” But when you think about it… How many children’s colouring books do you think get finished by the grown up looking after said child rather than the child themselves, who generally lose interest after five minutes of not even staying within the lines? Does that ring a bell? We’ve just got to face the facts.

We all know that when you watch a child colour, all that runs through your head is, “Can they not just stay in the lines? Is it that difficult? Oh just let me do this…” plus a deep sigh thrown in for effect. Now instead of getting distracted by their inconsistent line keeping, you can join in on the fun. Johanna Basford’s debut book ‘Secret Garden’ is the second Best Seller on Amazon with millions of copies sold and her follow up, ‘Enchanted Forest’, expected to do equally as well.

Creativity is a scary thought when you’re faced with a blank page, a blank page of nothingness that you can’t bare to bring your pen down on to. Yet, all of that goes away when the blankness becomes patterns and all you need to add is a pop of colour. This is something that Basford realised and embraces in her releases.

Basford’s books have been inspired by nature and have a whimsical element to them that isn’t adult like at all, yet that yearning to either step away from your computer screen, get your creative juices flowing or simply escape down this make believe rabbit hole is proving to be massively popular. And it’s not just Basford getting in on this action, half of the top ten best sellers on Amazon are colouring books from a further three authors.

What this means is that your doodling whilst being on the phone or during an important meeting can have some meaning. It can transform and develop from miscellaneous hearts and stars on the corner of your page to true art. (Yes, colouring is art and yes, you can put ‘artist’ on your CV now too).

Someone get us a packet of felt tips ASAP.