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Coachella Bans ‘Narcissistics’

Wednesday 01 April 2015
Words Ailis Mara

“No narcissistic individuals allowed”, new sign to be placed at the entrance to Coachella. Okay we’re exaggerating slightly, it’s only a play on words in their ‘Rules and Regulations’ stating that this year’s festival will not allow “Selfie sticks/Narcissistics” (narcissis-sticks, get it?). And Lollapalooza is getting in on the action too, but with a little less punny approach.

As much as the idea of a selfie stick makes us shiver to our bones wondering “what has the world come to”, it happens simultaneously with an insistent urge asking “where can we get one and how quickly will it arrive? We hope within the next five minutes”. And you know if that feeling is still occurring weeks after the fad reaches the public, then it’s gotta be a golden idea. And as much as seeing a person, or group of people (that’s the beauty of the selfie stick), using it in public, there is also that wave of jealousy. A slight flush of green. Not quite on a Hulk or Kermit level, put it’s there nonetheless.

Now, we completely appreciate and agree with the ridiculousness of spending more time taking pictures and videos of a gig that you are at in reality so you will have the evidence digitally that were actually there in reality (try to keep up), which in all honesty you won’t look back on again. Just admit it, you only really wanted it for your Instagram anyway. Who wants to see live music through a phone screen? Or even worse, who wants to see live music through someone else’s phone screen held up in front of them? Not us.

But on the other hand, the selfie stick holding hand, can they not just accept the age of asking someone to take a group photo for you is in the past. No one can handle that awkwardness anymore. Before, the only way to overcome that awkwardness was to exclude one person of the group, basically saying, “Go on, you take it Danny. No one really likes you anyway”. It’s a selfie stick way of life in 2015. We’re technologically advanced now. We’ve got the tools to overcome that exclusion and yet Coachella and Lollapalooza are suffocating it.

The reaction to the ban has been pretty torn. We’re sure it was a difficult exclusion to place into their ‘Rules and Regulations’, and in the long run it’s probably for the best. We guess your arm will have to make do for now. Hey, you never know, people might even interact with each other rather than worrying that, “omg I’ve only got 37% battery”.