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Coachella Playlist

Saturday 11 April 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Coachella is here, and you know it is because you can feel the dehydration, girls in crochet crop tops and floral headbands swarm the valley and that guy in the corner is off his tits.

If you’re in the (surprisingly) sunny place of Britain this weekend, be prepared it for to actually make your Coachella blues worse. Because who really wants a glimmer of what they could have yet it be so far away from the real deal. This sunshine is such a tease.

But as always, Spindle has got yo’ back. We’ve put together a lil collection of the best Coachella artists this weekend has to offer. So shove on this playlist (may we suggest on full blast), grab some sort of fruity cocktail, get your summery garms on and dance around on some sand. That’s near enough the same thing right? Thought so.