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Confetti Crowd Spice Up Your Life

Tuesday 14 April 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Spindle met with our new partners in crime, Confetti Crowd. If you haven’t heard of this blogging lot, we’re sure you must have seen them. Their love for everything bright and bold brought them together to create a team near parallel to the Spice Girls, except in blogging, and they’re more pink that ginger.

Consisting of Tiger, Heidi, Helena, Cheyenne and Lucy, Confetti Crowd is blessing everyone with colour and girl power one step at a time. After a shoot in the chilliness of a basketball court, some Confetti yoga poses and a roundup on their outfit choices, we sat down for a chat and a tea to talk about how the ‘UK’s first blogging girl gang’ came about and what they do when they’re not being Confetti Crowd.


So how did Confetti Crowd start?

Helena: We only knew each other through blogging, well I’ve known Tiger the longest. Lulu was kind of the pimp [laughs]. We all shot for Motel, that’s basically how we all met.
Lucy: Because I interned there doing the bloggers shoots I was like, “omg you’re all so sassy, let me shoot you”. We were all fan girls of each other. The first time I met you [Heidi] was when you first made Confetti Crowd.
Helena: And the first time I met you [Cheyenne] was at the Motel event.
Cheyenne: Really? Oh yeah. Aww.
Tiger: And the first time I met Lucy I was like “omgggg it’s Lucy”. I’m Lucy’s biggest fan girl ever. I used to tweet her going, “Hi Lucy, this is my car boot sale outfit. I hope you like it”.
Lucy: You are so cute.
Tiger: Then she replied, “Yeah, you look great” and I was like “omg she tweeted me back”. I’m
such an idiot.
Lucy: And now we’re best friends.


Did you all have a similar style when you just worked on your individual blogs? Is that what brought you together?

Lucy: We’re all just so sassy.
Helena: A lot of people are quite mainstream and quite simple really.
Lucy: The most successful bloggers are very similar, very safe. I hate that word. But if you’re crazy, you won’t have as many followers.
Helena: Because a lot of people aren’t crazy. When you go out on the street you realise we’re the 2% of the world that don’t dress all in black. Confetti Crowd was Heidi’s idea.
Heidi: I had the idea for ages but I didn’t really know any bloggers.
Lucy: She literally doesn’t know anybody, you could name someone really famous and she would be like, “who’s that?”
Heidi: I don’t look at other people, I just look at the five of us [laughs].
Helena: It happened really quick, you came up with the idea and it was literally within a month we did the photo shoot. It’s only actually been three months [since we’ve been together].
Lucy: So much has happened. We worked with Nike.
Tiger: That was massive.
Lucy: We all get on really well as well.
Tiger: Like sisters.


You are like a blogging Spice Girls, what would your Confetti names be?

Helena: I think Tiger would be Baby or Posh.
Tiger: Me Posh??
Cheyenne: But Helena’s always in heels.
Helena: That’s true… I would probably be Posh. You know when the Spice Girls were marching in army gear and Posh was in a dress and heels? That would be me.
Cheyenne: It would be Cowgirl Confetti [Tiger], Rainbow Confetti [Heidi], Sassy Confetti [Lucy], Ghetto Confetti [Cheyenne] and Vintage Confetti [Helena].


You need those names printed somewhere. What do you guys do when you’re not being Confetti Crowd?

Helena: We all do completely different things. I run my own business, Sassy World. I do the photography, styling, buying, social media, everything.

That’s amazing.

Heidi: I’m a singer/songwriter.
Lucy: But she never actually sings for us.
Heidi: I’m having an EP released in May!
Tiger: I’m a photographer.
Lucy: What do I do?
Helena: You’re a designer! And a full time blogger.
Lucy: I went to uni for five years and studied fashion and that’s what I want to do but I’m so lazy [laughs]. I want to design a collection for Sassy World. I’ve designed loads of stuff but I’ve got to get the fabric… I do YouTube and blogging as well.
Cheyenne: I’m a presenter. So I screen weekly music shows across Vevo UK and America and I DJ, and model. That’s it.
Helena: “That’s it” [laughs].


Do you think what you each do brings different elements into Confetti Crowd? 

Lucy: Yeah, it’s handy. If one of us gets something, then we all go.
Helena: We come as a five now. When people speak to me they refer to us as a group, as ‘you and the girls’. They say, “I thought of you guys” and I assume they mean you lot [laughs].

Have you ever had a party confetti cannon? We feel that’s something you guys would appreciate… 

Helena: We tried that and it was an epic fail.
Cheyenne: We had to shake it out.
Tiger: The pictures were all like [insert confused face].

That’s so disappointing!

Keep an eye out for more Confetti Colour on Spindle, but maybe keep a pair of shades nearby with this group of gals. IMG_3478