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Noah Leroy Believes Film Photography Encourages Intuition

Friday 24 April 2015

Spindle speak with Northamptonshire photographer, Noah Leroy

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! I value myself as a very spiritual person and I am a firm believer in beauty being subjective. I think philosopher David Hume’s said, “Beauty in things exist merely in mind the which contemplates them”. I learnt that taking this way of perceiving life and adapting it to the creating process.

We can capture beauty in the most mundane places, we can find rather poetic scraps in our most negative and painful experiences.



Who are your favourite photographers?

Like most, I really admire the greats, the legends. My favourite field of photography is documentary, I really enjoy the freedom of working on the streets, amongst the people. So for the last few years I’ve studied the likes of William Klein and Henri Cartier-Bresson. These kinda guys were masters at applying geometrical and mathematical techniques whilst shooting, but I felt as if their work was a reflection of them. I like to think that’s what really sets apart a photographer from an artist. These guys were true artists and they gave me many lessons that I humbly try to replicate in my work.



What do you like about film photography?

I really take to film, I always have.

I love the authenticity of film. I love the little unexpected gems you find after processing a roll, images you completely forgot about taking.

But the main reason I take to film more than digital is because I feel it encourages photographers to use their intuition, you have to act fast and precise. Film also has limited exposures, which has taught me to value every frame.



Tell me about the creative scene in Northampton?

There is a great creative scene in Northampton, however it’s quite segregated from the mass culture of this oversized town, which unfortunately means there isn’t much opportunity for the creatives here.

So what you find are artists focusing more on the creating and less on the publicising/promotion side of things, which I think is great.

However, there are artists from the local area making strong moves in and out of the town, from musicians such as Kane Smith and Adolphus Tips, to film makers Lewis Levi & Alex Motlhabane (The Rest) photographers/artists like Tyrone Williams, Dante Belt and Callum Ward and designer Rory John.



What can we expect to see from you in 2015?

This year I plan to travel more, so hopefully some more photography projects exploring different cultures. What I really want to focus on this year in particular is collaborating with other artists, whether it’s a photography project or working on a film or creating music.

I’m just about creation and co-creation and any opportunities that come from that are a blessing.