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Introducing: Bleachers

Wednesday 01 April 2015

One Word… Bleachers… Another word… Fun.

Bleachers is the East Coast brainchild of Fun‘s Jack Antonoff. Despite achieving worldwide success, Bleachers was a burning desire that burnt deep inside of Antonoff whilst touring for a year with Fun. A record wasn’t far behind either, in fact it was probably deep in the psyche itching to get out like an Essex boy’s flip flops with the first glimpse of sunshine. Luckily for us Bleachers is much less T.O.W.I.E and much more uber cool East Coast US 80s inspired good times.

Fun appears much more polished, in fact it probably is – though commercially so, whereas Bleachers stand on their own as something much more intriguing, something much more intricate and not just catchy choruses that you hear over and over again because DJs tell us we have to 5 times a day.

As you delve further into Bleachers slightly secret life, pleasant surprises along the Soundcloud way include a quite brilliant version of Lennon/MaCartney’s “Dear Prudence”, as well as great live acoustic performances and a few remixes in there too.

Reliably informed that Jack Antonoff will continue with Fun, part of me thinks that Bleachers may not realise complete greatness but then again maybe that’s the charm, maybe Fun brings out the essence of Bleachers and make them what they are.

Sure to continue the cult following , the next 3 months see Bleachers tour the US. So if you are lucky enough to be over the pond, my guess is it’s gonna be one hell of a show.

Two words… Forget Fun… Three words… Get on Bleachers.