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Introducing: Elizabeth Rose

Wednesday 15 April 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Neighbours, every-body needs good neighbours, with a little understanding… Blah blah blah. Throw another prawn on the barby you little ripper ‘cause that’s Fairdinkum mate – Anyway, let’s get the stereotypical, half-truthful Australianisms out the way, especially for the gorgeous, quite sublime Miss Elizabeth Rose.

Elizabeth Rose has been making quite a name for herself in her native land over the last few years and far from the “typical” Aussie us small minded Brits think of every time we hear the very wobble of Harold Bishop’s chins. She is a singer, songwriter, electro DJ and heroin collaborator hailing from the great city of Sydney.

Signed to Inertia records and a big fan of colourful socks, Elizabeth Rose’s music is so many great things mixed up together. Like a spectacular experiment with a beautiful, often haunting, voice mixed with dark lyrics and sampling influences that would be just as at home in torture garden than it would be at an Ibizan Space around 4am (check out the Soundcloud Discotheque Tour Mixtape. It’s enough to get you up in every way possible).

Featuring in more “Top 20 Ones To Watch” than a Fast and Furious Film, Miss Rose is surely on for an exciting few years ahead but I think it’s about time she got her arse over to the UK because, like the Ashes, the Aussies have had her long enough and it’s time for us to look after her for a bit. She would surely be out of the Top 20’s and into the Top 10’s.

So we say to Elizabeth Rose – “Forget all that sunshine, sharks and venomous snakes in the garden – Come and enjoy the dark side of grey clouds, fish & chips and daddy long legs – it’s creatively inspiring ya know!”