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Introducing: Sinkane

Monday 13 April 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Soul, funk, well travelled, true and pure. Just a few words to describe an artist that just oozes professionalism and charisma… An artist simply known as Sinkane.

Having been born in the UK, Sinkane grew up in Sudan and was then in East Coast America, this still means we can cling to his English heritage to claim him as one of our own, right? And why wouldn’t we, this guy not only has all the above but manages to mix soul, funk and even some reggae sounds with some pretty god damn funky guitar and bass-lines for the masses to enjoy – even the odd pan-pipe! Nothing like the shitty sounding, peace loving, yoga crap that you might find in one of our great country’s expensive up and coming towns, this is much more “man on the street, know what we want, chilled out funk”. Whether you are coming up or coming down, DJ or disconcerting reveller, Sinkane has got something for your sampling brain so open up your mind and sample Sudanese finest, bravest and certainly most intriguing,

Whisking us away into a deep sullen sleep, Sinkane’s music will guide us through trouble times and heightened points of ecstasy, just a few minutes of time, a soothing comrade to make us feel like individuals again and lead us on the road to redemption. So thank you from me to the influencers and thank you to Sinkane. Let your Spindle self be free and join the cultural freedom of all that is Sinkane.

He plays at London’s XOYO tomorrow eve if you’re looking for some Tuesday night plans.