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Alice Underground: A Hallucinogenic Experience

Monday 18 May 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Disney is the drug that keeps on giving and if the originals weren’t amazing enough to start with, adaptations of Mickey’s entourage are all the rage of late.

Away from the cinema screen, where everything feels safe and synchronized, Waterloo has discovered a darker and more intoxicating side to Disney. Deep in the vaults where London’s trains rattle above, Alice has got lost on her way to Wonderland, and well, gone underground. In the latest trend of immersive theater, it’s become a hipsters rite of passage to guide Alice back to normality, and in doing so completely lose their own head (quite literally if The Queen Of Hearts has anything to do with it.)

The wonderfully twisted company Les Enfants Terribles has created a decadent wonderland out of the derelict and abandoned depths of Waterloo. ¬†An eloquent rabbit guides you through the vaults while a disgruntled toad warns you from dangerous doors; extravagant and animated helpers will assign you a club (who doesn’t want to be a heart) and fear and humour is forever eloped. The scenery is hallucinogenic, from the Cheshire cat which guides you through dark corridors, to finding yourself spying on others through forestry walls. This is an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone but leaves you with serious content. Not to mention a VIP invite to the mad hatters tea party at the end.

For a night out that defeats another high-street bar crawl, get drunk with Alice this summer instead.


Check out the website and find tickets here.