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Ana Kuni: Vibrant Portraits Of Powerful, Energetic Women

Tuesday 26 May 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Ukrainian-born artist and fashion model Anastasiya Yakunina creates stunning interpretations of feminine beauty through intimate and compelling portraits. We sat down with Ana to discuss creativity, inspiration and where she calls home.



What inspires your art?

I am inspired by natural beauty and authentic emotions that I try to capture through the eyes. I am also discovering the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy; giving the portraits softness and an edge at the same time

Ana Kuni 1

How do you balance your time between your two careers?

By managing my time right I’m able to do both. When I travel for shoots I always carry a watercolour palette, brush and paper in my hand luggage; that allows me to paint on the plane, in a hotel room or on set. When I have time off I work in my studio on larger pieces, using oil or acrylic on different textures. Travelling also helps me gather references, get inspiration for my artistic projects, try out different styles and connect to other incredible artists.

Which career path do you enjoy more?

I enjoy both. I love being a canvas for someone else’s creations and I love to have control of my own creative projects. Switching from one to another gives me much needed excitement and rules out boredom or an inspiration crisis.

 Ana Kuni 3

You say you’re a Ukrainian living between Cape Town and the UK, where feels most like home?

They say “Home is where the heart is” and my heart is all over the place. At the moment it’s between those two cities but it could easily change. I am already checking out Ibiza for this summer and I can see myself living in Bali in the next few years

Ana Kuni 4

Where do you feel most creative?

I feel most creative after a full day hike or a long run, which I mostly do in Cape Town. The nature and the energy here is so powerful I feel very connected to my creative side.

Ana Kuni’s Her work is currently being exhibited at the CAAM Collective Gallery in Cape Town. You can also find her work over at her website.