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Eurovision Fashion: The Good, The Bad & The Glitter

Saturday 23 May 2015
Words Ailis Mara

It’s here! After a whole year of waiting, Europe’s biggest musical extravaganza is lighting up our TV screens with its 60th anniversary show, broadcast live from Vienna.

Eurovision has long held a special place in our hearts for its cheesy performances and cringe-inducing songs – and more importantly the totally bonkers outfits. Haute couture this ain’t, but the crazy creations of sequins, feathers and spandex certainly make the show a must-see, even if you’re not mad about the, er, great music. Read on and be inspired (or terrified) as we round up our Top 10 shining style stars of Eurovision’s history.


Performer: Sheeba

Year: 1981

Country: Ireland

Verdict: Looking like a trio of power-dressing superheroes, Sheeba’s tight blue Lycra bodysuits make a statement with silver detailing and matching boots. Sept points.



Performer: Zdob si Zdub

Year: 2011

Country: Moldova

Verdict: This group certainly made an impression with their acid trip gnome look, complete with ridiculously oversized hats. Quatre points.

Zdob Si Zdub


Performer: Lordi

Year: 2006

Country: Finland

Verdict: As the only hard rock/heavy metal band to ever win Eurovision, Lordi’s hardcore monster makeup made them a worldwide sensation. Bonus marks for the XXL platform boots. Neuf points.



Performer: Silvia Night

Year: 2006

Country: Iceland

Verdict: If Madonna had been a Vegas showgirl in the 80’s, this might have been the kind of thing she’d have worn. Sequins, fishnet, lace and feathers – what’s not to like? Six points.

Silvia Night



Performer: Verka Serduchka

Year: 2007

Country: Ukraine

Verdict: Ukrainian drag act Verka Serduchka turned heads with a silver, shimmering, can’t-look-at-it-directly Space Age ensemble – made by Dolce & Gabbana no less. Huit points.

Verda Serduchka


Performer: Donatan & Cleo

Year: 2014

Country: Poland

Verdict: Performing the irritatingly catchy track ‘We Are Slavic,’ singer Cleo wore a contemporary interpretation of traditional Polish dress, along with a super-cute floral plait. Six points.


Performer: Aliona Moon

Year: 2013

Country: Moldova

Verdict: This amazing tech-enhanced skirt shone with starry and fiery light projections, and also lifted Aliona up in the air as she performed. Neuf points.

Aliona Moon


Performer: Jedward

Year: 2012

Country: Ireland

Verdict: Matching glittery cyborg suits? It could only be Jedward. Deux points.


Performer: Katie Price

Year: 2005

Country: UK

Verdict: Okay, so Katie Price never actually made it to Eurovision (having lost to Javine during the UK selection process), but this outfit is just so, well, Katie Price that we feel it should get a mention anyway. Not just anyone could pull off the sparkly Pink Power Ranger look, after all. Un point.

Katie Price


Performer: Conchita Wurst

Year: 2014


Verdict: Who could forget the star of 2014’s show? The combination of Conchita’s glamorous golden gown and perfectly groomed beard gets dix points from us.