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Evvol walk us through the creative inspiration for ‘Eternalism’

Tuesday 12 May 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Berlin-based group Evvol lay down shadowy tones and stirring atmospheres for their debut album ‘Eternalism’. We asked them to unravel the sounds which inspired their gripping new album with a selection of records important to its creation.

There were certainly some surprising picks in the bunch. You know an album’s going to be a corker when Frank Ocean and the Blade Runner OST were big inspirations.


Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Laterally obsessed when this came out, summer soundtrack of 2012.


Bjork – Debut

We put this album on in the studio every day before we started working in the early writing process of Eternalism.


Vangelis – Blade Runner OST

This is an all time favourite movie of ours. One time we watched 4 versions of it in a row, from the 1982 theatrical version to the 1992 directors cut!


 Aphex twin – Drukqs

Jon did a thesis on this album when she was in music school, so she knows it pretty well. The techniques and innovations on the album have influenced our process a lot.


Bowie – Berlin Trilogy ( Low, Heroes, Lodger)

The concepts of these albums, capturing time and place, cinematic quality and gritty soundscapes amount to classic pop perfection. From the innovations in recording techniques to the style of Bowie’s vocal delivery, It would be hard to find a set of albums that has influenced us more.