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Interview: Sydney B. Silver

Tuesday 05 May 2015
Sebastian Walker aka. Sydney B. Silver has fingers in many creative pies.
– Tell us about yourself?
I’m 22 Born in Melbourne, FL to Carl and Veronica Walker (aka Team Walker). They’re my ride or dies and have given me all the tools to be successful. They taught the importance of self love and confidence. To realise I got everything working for me, I just gotta go out and get it. They made sure I was always a leader and never a follower which has really helped me avoid become one of the many sheep we see around us on a daily basis. My mom’s from Belgium so I’m a dual citizen and I speak French fluently. I started my own clothing company at 17 while I was in high school cause I was tired of spending money on other people stuff. I did that for 4 years and then I started my own freelance design studio. My favorite fruit are mangoes, I could honestly eat them everyday lol.
 – You’re a multi disciplined artist, which genre of work do you prefer?
I’m glad you noticed that I work in a lot of different mediums. The honest answer is that I love all of them. When I was younger I had this really big fear of getting categorised and put in a box, so I ended up getting good at a lot so I could keep my options open. I’m always working to keep my portfolio balanced. If I had to pick one right now, I think it’d be Motion Graphics purely because it’ll offer me the most opportunities. 
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– Do you carry a camera with you at all times?
Unfortunately I don’t! I purposefully bought a Tele 110 camera so I could have a camera on me and not worry about how large and bulky it was and yet I still forget about it. As of right now, being at school full time doesn’t allow me a lot of time to just roam with my camera. If I’ve got my camera on me I’m out with friends, at an event, a concert, or anywhere else where I think I might get some good shots without stressing about having to lug it around. That’s also why I always have my Ricoh point and shoot with film in it in case I have to run out!
– Who inspires you?
Art wise: Anish Kapoor, Martin Puryear, Hank Willis Thomas
Photo wise: Marcel Castenmiller,
Others: a lot of the young kids coming up that are putting together a lot of great work. There’s a handful of important people that I think will be well known in a full years. Every time I do something these individuals do me one better and that makes me want to go back beat them. This constant back and forth, even though it’s never verbally mentioned, inspires me a lot and keeps me motivated. 
– Where in the world would you like to photograph?
I really want to go to Tokyo. I’ve been needing to cross it off my list for personal reasons, but I know visually it’d be awesome too. Trying to really capture the culture and not the tourist spots would be a fun challenge. 
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– What have you got planned for 2015?
I plan on making 2015 a very important growing year. I graduate in May, so I’m looking to get a job at a design firm. Hopefully within the next year I can move to Miami, I’ve got trips planned to San Francisco and Belgium, and just more connects. Who you know is very important to progress and I’m finally getting the chance to work with people I’ve been looking up to so I plan to make the most of it. 


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