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Britain Wakes Up Feeling Blue

Friday 08 May 2015

So the elections are over. We’d say the confetti has finally settled after a night of joyous conga-lining, but we don’t think it ever left its box.

Where are they all? Where are the delighted mobs roaming the high streets of Britain chanting “five more years! five more years”! Well, like anyone who’s been chomping ecstasy since the mid-90s will tell you, you don’t get the highs without the lows.

This general election will be defined as the most closely examined and fiercely debated one yet. Just like the previous race for power voters apathetic to the two main contenders were offered an alternative, an outside shot chance of mixing things up a bit. Granted, the Greens were never going to actually get into power like the lib dems kind-of-sort-of did in 2010, but on the flip-side voters of Caroline Lucas’ part haven’t been left feeling like they need a shower afterwards.

The ‘don’t vote’ movement was a concept too intangible for its time. It would be hard to disagree that the current political system is flawed and unrepresentative of the people but the problem is these are ideas, and you need to act on ideas to make them a reality. Not enough people acted to make a colossal social change. Enough people voted and aligned themselves with a current party. It’s that simple.


But don’t despair! The sun is (probably) still shining where you are and we’ve got a load summer of festivals to look forward to in 2015, including our own unmissable party at this year’s Great Escape.