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Young People & Artists Are The Drivers Of Art & Technology

Monday 04 May 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

With the Brighton Festival opening a couple of days ago, we thought it only apt to carry on our discussion on the subject of art and culture, this time looking specifically at the affect of technology within this festival setting.

Spindle sat down with Chief Director of Brighton Festival, Andrew Comben, to discuss how young people and artists are the driving forces behind art and technology, and how they use it to optimise and enhance artistic opportunities that may not have occurred otherwise.

Do you think that technology has an affect on arts and culture in today’s society?

I think that just like young people, artists are often the most earliest adopters of new ways of doing things. That’s not always technology, but it often includes technology. In my experience, I find artists absolutely on the ball with new techniques and new ways of expressing themselves. I think it’s always dangerous to assume that new technology equals better,

But where artists have something that they genuinely want to say and find that the new technology allows them to say it better or more effectively than any other way, then it really comes alive.

There are some great examples of artists that do that brilliantly, I remember a performance of Tiger Lily… It was an incredibly synthesis of music and video work. There are less good examples that I’ve seen elsewhere that try and use technology without a purpose.

You’re right to make that connection between young people and the way they’re leading technology. Artists and technology, there is a really buy viagra in usa exciting wave of new creatives. We’ve seen really exciting projects being thought about for the next year or two. Particularly interesting in a place like Brighton which has so many new media and new digital companies.

There is an energy around in gaming, in animation but also in social media that feels really futile and quite exciting things are going to emerge from them.

Are there any technologically inspired shows in this year’s schedule?

Marcus Coates’ installation, which is called ‘Dawn Chorus‘, is a 14-screen installation and it’s a kind of genius idea. He’s recorded the Dawn Chorus and slowed down the recordings of each bird and asked the singers to learn a song at the correct pitch. He filmed them doing that and then sped the film back up again so that what you have is these 14-screens of people imitating and making bird song. It’s a great installation. It underpins the whole theme of nature in the festival. It’s a work that Ali and I talked about from the very start, it’s exciting to have at the center of our programme.

Experimental New York Company, Mabou Mines, they’re bringing ‘Lucia’s Chapters of Coming Forth By Day’ to this year’s Brighton Festival and that is an interesting integration of both film and video technology with extremely old stagecraft’s with some really fantastic effects. It’s going to be very exciting.

See our Brighton Festival Picks, with events starting today, you can look forward to a month filled with the celebration of technology, art, community and creativity combined.