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Big News: The Green on Your Spotify App Is Slightly Different

Thursday 18 June 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Have you been driven crazy by this subtle, new shade of green which is nestled between the ‘Just Eat’ and ’30 Day Ab Challenge’ app on your phone? Or did you notice, but found yourself caring so little that time itself seems to slow down around you? 

Well we can confirm that the new green was part of a raft of minor improvements to the app made earlier this week. In a blog post to the design site Dribble Tobias van Schneider, the Design Lead at Spotify stated that:


“Some of you might have noticed a slightly new green in the Spotify app since the last update. We’re excited to finally see this rolling out as part of our bigger brand refresh we introduced earlier this year. As much as we got used to the old ‘broccoli’ green we felt that the dreary brand palette was desperate for an upgrade. It was time to give it a little refresh and make sure it goes well with our vibrant new colour palette.”

So, It’s really that simple. You can finally quit worrying about that early on-set of colorblindness and move on with your life