Cutting Room Floor: LCM Street Style

  • Photography: Jean-Luc Brouard
  • Words: Spindle Team

The manic craziness of LCM has subsided and given us all a chance to regroup.

Below are some shots which didn’t quite make the final cut of our street-style stars article. These beautiful people, nameless people were captured outside the Marharishi show, a London based label whose interview with us you can cop here.


_JLB4204 © jean-luc brouard  AQ _JLB4211 © jean-luc brouard  Bo (1) _JLB4213 © jean-luc brouard  Gabe (1) _JLB4225 © jean-luc brouard  Ysham (1) _JLB4228 © jean-luc brouard  (1)