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Interview: Henry Gorse Strips Back The DNA Of Fashion

Tuesday 09 June 2015

We sit down with Photographer Henry Gorse to talk origins and inspirations.

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a photographer which works in fashion but in a pretty non fashion way. I use the usual DNA of a fashion image but twist it and allow more of a freedom within my work. Tongue in cheek sensibilities and english humour allow the models to appear empowered and in control, its this sense of freedom which creates a freestyle. From growing up in the countryside I have naturally brought a sense of light and nature into my work, I try to translate that vibe I grew up with into all aspects of my work including studio environments.


Where do you see the future of analogue photography?
I think there has been a massive resurgence with film recently, it’s in a very good place. Certain photographers have come onto the scene who shoot film and have shown a different type of aesthetic is achievable this way, everyone gets excited and wants a piece. I think now people can see that you can either go this way or the other.


Are you inspired by any films/books?
I am finding more and more that I am inspired by the things I used to watch and play as a kid. Stuff like Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Final Fantasy; Somehow its starting to leak into my new work.


Are there any young artists/photographers you’re loving right now?

Clifford Jago, some say he’s the anti-stylist, I just think it’s fun.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
My Dad forced me to work on a farm when I was 16 as I was always in the house messing around, best thing which could of happened to me, big wake up call.


What can we see from you in 2015?
More Editorials and I will be working on the third printed issue of Pylot magazine as contributing photo editor, it’s an all analogue magazine with no beauty retouching.