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Interview: Paolo Raeli

Saturday 20 June 2015

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Paolo Raeli is a twenty year old Italian-Danish photographer. Born and raised in Sicily, the biggest island in Southern Italy, he has studied visual art in Palermo for five years and photography in Rome before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark. With dream-like candids of his friends, from both Italy and Denmark, his attempt is to celebrate the spirit of friendship and teenage years as well as the beauty of memories.


Tell me about your new book, ‘Angel’?

It started almost by chance. I was planning to publish a photo-book, but then one of my friends saw one of my personal diaries and told me “This is beautiful! I’d love to have one for me” and so I decided to mix up the photo-book and one of my diaries and ANGEL was there. So it’s more than just a photography book, it’s an archive of thoughts, drawings, personal writing and pictures I took in almost three years of memories and journeys.

What do you think makes a great photo?

Technically talking, the lights. But a great photo is more than that. It’s about the feeling inside it, it has to transmit and share its vibe. One of my favourite pictures is actually pretty blurry and dark, but I love it because of the people portrayed in it and for the feeling of eternity it gives me every time I look at it.


How long have you been doing photography/art?

I grew up in a very “artistic” family, with my mom pushing me to express myself and involving me in her beautiful projects so I can’t deny my mom was my biggest inspiration since I was a kid. Later I attended an art school in Italy where I refined my skills and techniques. At 17 I met another inspirational person that transmitted me the passion for photography. The day I turned 18 I got my first camera. Since then a day doesn’t pass without taking a picture.


What would be your dream commission?

I’d love to work for magazines, fashion brands or in the movie industry, while always keeping my true essence of freedom and youth I try to show in my pictures.


What are your plans for 2015?

Probably traveling much more than I did in 2014, meet new people and grow and expand as a human being and an artist in general.
Perhaps an exhibition too.