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The Payday Essentials List

Sunday 28 June 2015

FINALLY – it’s Pay Day weekend! All those hours you’ve spent chained to your computer while the sun shines outside were totally worth it, as you now have some hard-earned dolla burning a hole in your pocket. Can’t think what to spend it on? We’re here to help… and we’re thinking big.



Tom Ford Apple Pocket Watch 

The Apple Watch has been hyped as one of the most desirable tech accessories of the season – but who wants to look like everyone else, right? Designer Tom Ford has the right idea, having removed the wristband and attached a chain to create a 21st century pocket watch. As swish as the customised timepiece looks, be prepared to lose out on key functions like the heart monitor as a result of the band – keeping it in your pocket will also automatically lock it. But hey, for a mere £500 or so per watch, you’d be mad not to.



Damien Hirst x Supreme Skateboard Deck

If you’re into skating, make sure you’re doing it in style this summer. Check out these custom-made decks, designed and hand-signed by iconic artist Damien Hirst. Originally created for Supreme, the boards have since been re-issued by Hirst’s publishing company Other Criteria. Worth a cool $4,200 each, take them to the skate park if you dare – or simply tote around as an accessory, a la the fashion pack.



Anya Hindmarch 18k Crisp Bag 

If you’re a bit of a Solange fan, this is the accessory for you. The very same model used to brain Jay Z with at The Met Ball last year, this must-have Anya Hindmarch bag is modelled in the shape of a crisp packet for added lols. Prices start around £995, although fingers crossed the brand revives its Holiday range again, which featured the bags in solid 18k rose, yellow or white gold for a knock-down price of £60,000 each.



Evian Water Bath

At the end of a long week, there’s nothing better than taking the time to unwind with a nice long soak. But sometimes Imperial Lather just doesn’t cut it – for a real high-end experience, simply catch a plane and head over to Miami, where the Hotel Victor will be more than happy to indulge you. Their infamous Evian Water Bath contains 350 gallons of water poured from limited-edition Evian bottles (designed by Christian Lacroix, no less), as well as a few rose petals scattered in for added effect. $5,000 well spent, we say.



The World’s Most Expensive Burger

All that spending has probably made you hungry! Head over to the Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, where you can dine out on the most costly burger on the whole planet, ‘The Glamburger’. £1,100 (or £1,237.50 with service) will get you a dish stuffed with Kobe beef, venison, black truffle Brie, lobster, beluga caviar and a whole lot of other ingredients besides. Best bit? It has to be the blinged-out gold leaf covering. Treat yourself. You deserve it.