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Sexploration: Pornhub Sets Sights To Outer Space

Thursday 11 June 2015
Words Ailis Mara

It’s still unclear whether this would be one giant leap forwards or backwards for mankind, but regardless of that Pornhub have started a Crowdfunding campaign to raise the $3.4 million dollars to make a porno in space.

The pron site, which has already set up its own record label, is offering serious rewards for big donations. A $150,000 tip will get you the actual soiled space-suits the performers do it in, gross.

We doubt Richie Branson will be handing over one of his brand new spaceships to the cause, and actually this whole thing raises more questions than it answers. Like, will Christopher Nolan be involved? And how does it even work in zero-G?

Check out the trailer below.