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Sink The Pink: An Interview With Glynfamous

Wednesday 17 June 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Sink the Pink is back with a sold-out show at London’s iconic Troxy this Saturday. In anticipation for the event we spoke with co-founder Glynfamous to discuss beginnings, the wild success of STP and how this latest show will be the best yet.


Stupid question as sink the pink is a household name now, but give it a Wikipedia intro for those that require a nutshell.

Sink The Pink started as a club and has picked up immense pace to become a huge collection of drag queens, club kids, show offs, self expressionists and colourful creatures. We’re standing on the frontline and fighting against conformity and all that’s beige in this world! If you ever felt like the different or strange kid then this is the place to be celebrated in a community that embraces all!


Serious question before gorgeous nonsense. London is a constant celebration of uniqueness, courageousness and self-expression- what is it about London that really embraces this, and do you see the love continuing to grow?

I think it only grows, London’s colourful cockroaches are tenacious and almost aggressive in keeping creativity alive and vibrant, especially in East London. You can call us names and we’ll stand taller and prouder, you can close our venues but we’ll find new ones! Self-expression will always shine the brightest. A huge amount of London’s success and appeal is because of this, it often starts in clubs, little communities that end up spilling into fashion, music and art. The world then takes notice and that is what a city is known for!


Breakdown some of the big characters of the sink the pink family and elite. Pretend they’re Street Fighter characters or Pokemon and explain their secret powers.

You have Jacqui Potato – She is your every man’s drag queen with secret powers making everyone fall for her charms! All the while she’s snogging your boyfriend and doing backwards rolls in a jock strap, a power in its own right. Jonbenet Blonde – Secret agent of the KGB (Kunty Glam Bitches) she’s dressed like Bianca Jagger circa 1979! Don’t be fooled by this polished glamour, She is a mESSSSSy whore! Amy Zing – Appears to have come straight out of a computer screen and will kill you with flying pound shop accessories loosely glued to her headpiece!


How was the first summer ball, seeing as it was such a big leap to the almighty Troxy?  How did you bring it together and how did the big scale impact the vibe?

Well it’s a lot calmer this time around, the first one was terrifying as it was the biggest thing we’d ever done! I had always wanted to create something on that scale, a full production. I knew we could do it, it tested us at times as I had this huge vision in my mind, Vegas show meets MTV awards meets Sadlers Wells dance piece! But we did it and the response was epic! Then I was faced with creating the whole thing again but even bigger! So here we are again and this one is BIG!!! What makes it so amazing for me is how it’s become this big event in peoples social calendar, everyone involved in the show takes that SO seriously, we just want to give everyone the BEST night of their lives!


What happened last time? I want highlights.

I think for me and Amy it was simply our parents being there, they smiled all the way through. That made us realise this is for everyone, it’s fun, entertaining and saucy but god damn infectious too! Also Sophie Ellis Bextor performing was EPIC, she really nailed it. Plus the crowd just gets better and more insane every time!


So second time around. What’s the theme? What decor have you got planned?

Well this is the 3rd ball doll, I know it’s flown! This time we two-halfs, The first half is Paradise and the second is Rio Nights, The set is all very dawn-of-the-new-age, Tranny Utopia!! Very surreal! We also have my fave Texan band SSION playing!


Also, Little Mix are making an appearance? What have they got to say about sink the pink ? What will they be bringing to the party?

Oh look I am going to say this, they are the BEST girlband out there! They can Sannnnnng hunny, they are also really great girls and I think people will be blown away by the camp show they are putting on!! Jade was at the last ball as a Judge actually and she is a big Sink The Pink, she was really instrumental in making this happen, She is actually OBSESSED with drag.