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Smash Mouth Singer Sees Bread At Colorado Concert

Tuesday 16 June 2015
Words Ailis Mara

It’s hard to take a man’s violent rage seriously when he’s wearing a feathered cap/white hot-pants combination, a lesson we’ve been repeatedly taught via the bulged veined, coked-out face of Axl Rose. 

Actually we should leave Axl, real name William Bruce, out of this, as this time it was the lead singer of Smash Mouth’s turn to turn shit to 11. Steve Harwell and his band were responsible for one of those stuck-out-of-time anthems which will presumably live on forever through hit movies and ironic party playlists. The band have actually kept busy since the 1999 released All Star, but, well, it’s tricky when you peak on your second album.

Anyway, Smash Mouth appeared in Colorado last weekend at a concert to play in-front of literally thousand of people and before they could launch into the crowd pleasing All Star, Steve got enraged by a short, actually pretty tame (cc Nickelback), barrage of bread.

You’ve got to feel bad for the guy, at first the crowd are on his side but 2 minutes deep into his rant they turn on him. the whole thing is soundtracked by one of the songs of our collective youth which makes it one of the best meltdowns in recent memory.