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Student Spotlight: Dayhe Jee

Student Spotlight: Dahye Jee

Monday 08 June 2015

Our Student Spotlight series continues with Dahye Jee, an exciting new talent who wowed the crowds at Graduate Fashion Week with a 2D paper doll-inspired womenswear collection.


Dahye Jee – BA Fashion Design (Hons) @ Nottingham Trent University


South Korean-born student Dahye has recently completed her studies at Nottingham Trent University, a college with 40+ years expertise and high-profile links with the fashion industry.


Where did you get inspiration for your collection?

It began with the stories of memory and childhood that everyone has forgotten living in such a busy world. So, I turned my mind back to what inspired me in childhood, and came up with the idea of the paper dolls I played when I was young. My work had a purpose, helping people remember their own precious happiness memories so they can go back to those days once again.




What would you say are the key pieces?

The square skirt with doll and 3D hat drawing pocket coat – the 2D element of design idea was made three-dimensional with hand-drawing print.


Sum up your collection in five words.

Playful, fun, unique, joyful, girlhood.


Student Spotlight: Dayhe Jee


What kind of person did you have in mind when you put the line together?

I became a child ‘Dahye Jee’ when I was working on my collection… I kept remembering and reminding myself of my childhood, and how to represent those experiences into my design.


I loved the playful mood of your designs. Do you think more designers should attempt to channel a sense of fun in their collections?

I agree with that. In rapidly changing the world, I want people to get some rest, refresh and forget their busy reality for while, when they see my work. So, I want to be a designer who creates a feeling of happiness, and always make people smile and hope – many designers agree with me.


Student Spotlight: Dayhe Jee


What do you plan to do now that you’ve graduated? What are your plans for your career in the future? 

I recently won a design competition for Hawes and Curtis, so I have an internship with them starting in September. I’m also looking for another internship in UK for the summer, and hope I can get a full-time job overseas.


Who would be some of your dream labels to work with?

I want my creations to focus on my own obvious character of design, rather than making commercial mass products, so that they are clearly recognisable. I look up to people with their own personal brand, such as Kirsty Ward, Undercover and Min Wu, who each design for young girls who are vivacious, girlish rather than feminine, and brave enough to share her opinion.


Student Spotlight: Dayhe Jee