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5 Questions: Vaguess

Tuesday 28 July 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Inspired by the Key Stage 3 English Lesson classic, 5 Questions uses the magic of ‘who what when where and why’ as a concise, scientifically engineered profiling of our guest.

Johnny Vaguess is a quintessential DIY gem plucked from the sunburnt streets of California, amplified through cassette musings and endless touring of his west coast habitat and beyond.

He continues a long and well reported history of Californian Do It Yourselfers (San Pedro, home of the kings of Econo ‘Minutmen’ were born just up the road from his base in Dana Point) in an age where it’s become easier and more common to impersonate than embody.

Check out Vaguess’ answers below:


Who supports you the most?

Vaguess: My girlfriend supports me emotionally, but not financially. I’d like to see her support me both emotionally and financially.

What was your last dream?

V: To be featured on a Carlos Santana song.

Where would you be if you weren’t playing music?

V: I’d be packing boxes in a warehouse, which I do anyway because warehouses are something I’m passionate about. Even if I make a million bucks in royalties you’ll still catch me packing boxes during the week.

When did you write your first song/first pick up an instrument?

V: The first song I wrote was called “I Wanna Go to the Punk Rock Show.” It didn’t have any changes and was 4 minutes long. I just played guitar and kept singing “I wanna go, I wanna go to the punk rock show” until my friend stopped playing drums eventually and ended the song. I think I was eight. That will most likely be looked back on as the peak of my songwriting.

Why is LA the holy land of DIY music

V: Down here in So Cal we’re just laid-back and chilled-out. So instead of saying “Hey, let’s book some studio time,” we just say “Hey, let’s eat some burritos and just make our own shitty recordings in our overpriced studio apartment.” Also, there are about 500,000 bands in LA, so instead of waiting around for someone to record you or put out your crap, you can just do it yourself. The Bay Area and the Mid-West have a bunch of cool DIY stuff right now too, but we have better burritos.