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A Spindle Guide to Berlin

Monday 06 July 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Berlin has long been the creative heart of Europe, pumping out bold expressions of individuality through art, music and culture. It’s also been the world’s most worshiped and sought after clubbing destination for well over a decade. But squint past the obvious allures of Berlin and you find a wealth of unexpected adventures and oddities.

In partnership with Flybe, who host regular and affordable flights to the city, we’ll walk you through the unmissable sights and sounds of Berlin.





A towering icon of beauty and brutality. This club, housed in the imposing structure of a converted electric power station is the more well-known clubbing spot in the city. The upstairs Panorama Bar offers up variants of house music and is the perfect counterpart to the minimal and Detroit techno which fills the monstrous main room. Entrance is notoriously difficult but if you dress right and manage to not get turned away, you’re in for a special night.




Situated on the river Spree, right in the heart of Oberbaumbrücke– one of the city’s most absurdly beautiful boroughs- this split-level club ranks among the most popular in the capital. Doused in LED lighting and hosting a blend of emerging and established electronic  acts (mostly techno and house, obviously) this club offers the stunning views and unmissable sounds which a trip to Berlin would be nothing without.




Fancy a break from the relentless and sullen heartbeat of minimal techno?  This club offers one of the most wonderful dose of blissful escapism available in the city. A vast chill out area, small picturesque lake and great places to eat are all connected by a labyrinth of dance floors. Expect festival vibes tied together by an amazingly well thought out and organised bi-weekly event.




Spreepark Deserted Funfair

Abandoned Berlin Spreepark Amusement Fun Park-6101

Closed in 2002 due to a 180-kg cocaine bust on the magic carpet ride this amusement park now stands in eerily beautiful silence, literally overgrown by wildlife. Once closed to the public, tours now operate around the site, though urban adventurers and teenagers have been exploring under the cover of darkness for years.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


A visually stunning and moving memorial to the atrocities committed to the Jewish people during the second world war, this 19,000sq meter site is as iconic as it is somber. Over 2,000 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern and rolling over a sloped field mark the center of the city. The site is a strange mix of atmospheres and attitudes, with joyful tourists eating lunch atop the slabs small enough to climb while others walk slowly and reflectively around the urban maze.


Tempelhofer Park


Fancy basking in the ground of a recently operational airport? Opened as a park in 2010, this spot has become a favourite of people looking to bicycle around the vast grounds and check out the abandoned planes and air traffic control tower which overlook the site. Shops and restaurants litter the surrounding area  and feed the hum of activity which fill it all summer long.




Freiluftkino Kreuzberg (Open air cinema)


This vast and beautiful cinema is a must-see for anyone looking to soak in the warm night air basked in the glow of a flickering projector. The site was opened in 1994 and recently renovated and updated to include digital equipment and brand new facilities. They show a range of blockbuster and critically-acclaimed flicks, while also showcasing a wealth of cinema from around the world.


Bearpit Karaoke


Think you’ve got what it takes to clamour inside the karaoke-arena and take on a crowd of thousands armed only with your song choice and lung capacity? This wildly fun and raucous event kicks of every Sunday from 3pm and has become a massively well attended part of Berlin weekend-life. Surrounded by numerous food-stalls and markets, the Bearpit Karaoke only begins once a sound-system-wielding Irishman named Joe Hatchiban rolls up and throws down the gauntlet.


Neues Museum


Raised from its bombed out ruins by British architect David Chipperfield in 2009, this museum is one of the city’s must-sees. Exhibitions chart everything from pre-history to the Egyptians, all housed in a building painstakingly replicated to its former glory.




Ku’ Damm 101 (3*)


A near-central spot well connected by public transport, this hotel is an ideal choice for anyone on a reasonably tight budget .


Andel’s Hotel Berlin (4*)


With a bar overlooking the city on the 18th floor, this visually striking hotel offers a lot for its price. The hotel is well connected by trains and trams and is perfect if you’re looking to splash out a little extra on somewhere to rest your head after a long weekend.


Hotel Adlon Kempinski (5*)


So you’ve been working hard all year and decide have decided to treat yourself? Then this place is ideal for you. Offering stunning surroundings and some of the best food in Berlin (particularly breakfast) you’ll find it easy to get back to after a night with plenty of transport links right on your doorstep.


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