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Going Old School with A Disposable Camera Lingerie Lookbook

Wednesday 01 July 2015

New York-based brand Araks have taken a creative approach their new lingerie lookbook, shunning the conventional Photoshopped-models-in-knickers vibe for something that’s a lot more fun.

Teaming up with a selection of friends and creatives (which includes actor Jason Schwartzman, stylist Kate Foley and designer Maryam Nassirzadeh, to name a few), the latest issue of the Araks Lingerie project was shot entirely on disposable cameras, without the use of any special lighting, effects or touch-ups to enhance the shots. Each collaborator was effectively given free reign over their individual shoot, having only been told to fill the roll of their respective camera with images of a given set of lingerie or sleepwear. As a result, bras and pants turn up in pretty unexpected places, captured in the grainy ‘authentic’ visual style we’re all used to seeing from our own amateur experiments with a £5 Fujifilm. Dog, you look hot.


araks lingerie lookbook 2


araks lingerie lookbook 3


araks lingerie lookbook 4


araks lingerie lookbook 5


araks lingerie lookbook 6


araks lingerie lookbook 7