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Reading Festival: Interview with Hinds

Friday 09 September 2016

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Brimming with energy and bouncing like Bambis, the Madrid-based Hinds are a force of nature. As we sit down with half of the group at Reading Festival, their unassailable Spanish charm is clear; label bosses from London swing by for a catch-up and a hug, but leave with invitations to flat-warmings in Madrid. The four girls are impossible to dislike, talking with a casual honesty that sets them apart from their genre. Oscillating from boys to bandmates, drugs to dark places, the girls’ adoring entourage disperse and our conversation spirals in to the intriguing world of Hinds.

A moment ago I heard your manager say you used to play to 150 people and now you just played to 6,000. What is that like?

Carlotta Cosials: I mean… the crowd today! They were all jumping and knew all the songs. Like there was this one girl who knew all the lyrics to all the songs.

Ana Perrote: Si si si, she was there like, ‘I wanna show off that I know all the lyrics to all the songs!’ [Laughs] So so nice.

So you’re still in the middle of huge tour. How is it? How do you stay sane?

CC: [Sigh] I think with each other, once you’re in the music industry it is very, very easy to get crazy about everything. For example with drugs – we get offered drugs almost every single night. We always say no – we made that decision in the beginning of the band. I think that’s one of the things that makes us stronger. Also the friendship, doing this mad tour with just ‘colleagues’? It would kill you. You feel so lonely, because you are in so many different countries and it’s like… ‘What am I doing here?’ You don’t have the chance to choose where you’re going to be, so it’s like what my physical body does is chosen by another person. But your mind is always thinking more stuff – like I am thinking about love, I am thinking about my mum or whatever, so I think friendship helps us to stay together physically and mentally.

“What my physical body does is chosen by another person. But your mind is always thinking of more stuff, like I am thinking about love, I am thinking about my mum, or whatever.” – Carlotta Cosials


You said you’ve made a decision at the start of the band about all these potential health issues in the music industry. Would you say there’s a lot of trust amongst you all to stick to that?

AP: Definitely, because apart from the music I think that’s one of the best things that Hinds have – the community. We are a team and we are never late to anything.

CC: Yeah because at the beginning every single night it was like, ‘Hey guys do you want cocaine?’ or ‘Hey guys do you want a pill?’, so it’s so easy to break that promise.

AP: But its weird because the more you tour, slowly you get to realise why so many people in the music industry do it. On tour life there is a certain routine, a routine of seeing thousands of people. And when you have no break and you do the same things when you perform every night it’s like, ‘Why don’t I feel anything?’ When we talk to each other, even when we sell out shows, its like, ‘Yo man why aren’t we happy?’ But I’m so happy we realised so early on about the whole drugs thing.

When you’re on the road, what happens to the friends you make?

CC: You understand so many songs, you know. You gain so many ‘one minute friends’ that I just don’t know when I’m going to see again… maybe in 2 years? It’s so intense. It’s like you see them, then you don’t see them. You have feelings all the time and they just don’t go anywhere. You’re giving feelings and it’s hard to develop them. It’s so hard to have a boyfriend because its just like we’re flirting and then maybe we’re more, but then it’s like, ‘Oh hey, I’m going for a month – Ok, bye.’ [giggles]

On a more positive note… When you go back to Madrid, what’s it like now after having grown so much as a band?

AP: It’s so weird because it took like a good year and a half to get going. We were huge in the UK and loads of other places in the world without an album, and then we put the record out and suddenly Spain like woke up. So now it is so good when we go back. Before, in Madrid, we couldn’t sell enough tickets while in Australia we were selling out!


Ah that’s amazing! So do you feel like you’re inspiring some young Spanish fans?

CC: Well we run every social media account we have, and we suddenly see like a bunch of boys or girls singing our songs and you see it and you’re like, ‘Dude this is freedom!’ They’re feeling completely free, so I feel like we’re doing a good job in that way. You don’t have to be perfect to do art, that’s not what art is about.

AP: Yep especially with girls, because I think women are so tough with ourselves. We’re like, ‘Woah, they do this, so I’ve gotta be like this’, all the time. Especially in music, I feel like I need to explain why I’m doing things – like for a girl to say, ‘I’m doing a song with two chords,’ is such a big deal, that’s its too simple. Whereas it’s so much easier for a guy to do so. It’s so hard to do this and to not worry about being judged for it.

CC: I agree, the worst thing is that girls are always put against girls. I think that what is the best thing at the moment is that we are smashing it because of the music, nothing else. Not because we have long legs or blonde hair or whatever reason – it’s because of the music.

Catch Hinds at Bestival this weekend and during their UK dates this December. Watch their video for the single ‘Bamboo’ here.