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Harmonising With Girlpool

Wednesday 01 July 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Girlpool is as much a band as it is a playground for Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker’s synchronised imagination. The LA-duo deal in punchy, stripped-back instrumentation (that means no drums) and craft soaring harmonys from an honest, often wide-eyed view on the world around them. We caught them for a chat in a sunny corner of East London following the release of their debut album ‘Before the World Was Big’.

“I Think as far as Girlpool goes the foundation of this project kind of burst from the music scene in LA , experiencing the DIY punk ethos there and sort of feeling inspired”, says guitarist and vocalist Cleo, briefly glancing over at fellow vocalist and bassist Harmony sitting by her side. Harmony continues, adding “I feel like going to punk shows, seeing the different bands come through from various places and experiencing how accessible everything is [influenced us], like you can really make anything happen, but in a way which felt really close to you”. With only two releases out in the wild, elements of the group’s sound can be traced back to the melodic cawing of English post-punk outfit The Raincoats and even the honest, unapologetic lyricism of seminal hardcore punk outfit and fellow Californians The Descendents.



“I just miss how it felt standing next to you/wearing matching dresses before the world was big”, Girlpool’s latest album-titled single Before the World Was Big (playing above) reads like a love letter to childhood written in the midst of their departure from it. At the heart of everything the pair write lives an honesty and playfulness seemingly powered by the music community they shared back in LA. “I feel like what’s interesting with LA is you drive everywhere and because of that you’re isolated, but what’s cool about DIY is you’re all sharing a space. Public transport really teaches you to share space and I feel like DIY also does that”, explains Harmony.

On the subject of gender pigeon-holing Cleo vents frustration saying how “in our society and our world people want to be able to categorise things based on tangible things, or something’s that extremely easy to pin point. it feels like there’s such a humongous lack of knowing in being a human it’s like there’s this thirst to make this really straight forward and black and white”. It’s a poetic take on something rooted so deeply into all of us. Now more than ever female artists are conquering untouched sounds and styles and begging the question of why their gender still remains a novelty.



Girlpool face the world head on armed with nothing but two instruments and a cement-strong sense of storytelling. Their first EP (particularly its opening track ‘Blah Blah Blah’) was as a confident and unique debut as they they come. This new record weaves new ideas and subject-matter into a thicker-than-ever identity and provides the duo with an inspired foundation on which to propel them from.

You can buy Before the Word Was Big here 

And keep up to date on new songs and news on their Facebook.