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Capturing The Abstract With Ray Tanaka

Thursday 02 July 2015

Ray Tanaka is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. His abstract realism shows the beauty in everyday.   



How would you describe your photography?
In junior high school the reason I started to take picture was not to lose nor forget a moment in days.
I couldn’t bear letting time going flowingly,
of course  I knew,
“Everything is evanescent in the world .”
And also noticed this fact is the source of beauty.
My photography is a transient anchor in the passage of time.


Tell me about the photography / art scene in Japan?
Galapagos syndrome is everywhere in Japan.
Most Japanese think art works are things created in the past or famous overseas.
No idea they’re cultivating our culture together.
To support artists and to buy art works is beyond their head.
(Actually there’re not any system nor market seemingly in front of us)
Takashi Murakami and the people around him try to let us notice we’re surrounded with potential of art and connect business market and art.
It means a daily life and art.  However it’s still foggy all around in Japan.


Are you influenced by any films and music?
Film? After taking a shower and putting on a pyjamas, I turn off a light and start to watch films. My favourite movies let me realise my own walking way on  a road and what I want to see.
Music? In my daily life, music is always next to me, In a shower room, on a bed and in a toilet too. It likes cleaning pore in a skin and putting legs in a clear stream.
So both of them physically effect me and directly my division.
A book, specially words influence more than anything.
Some words hook my vision to a specific idea.
Some words teach me what kinds of picture I’m shooting.
And of course sometimes some words freeze and dry me in one place of brain.


Your works has elements of serenity and trepidation, is this deliberate?
To me my photo is kind of “an ex post facto report” on how my mind connected to the world and what shape is  my awareness at the moment.
It’s not deliberate.
I’m trying to be conscious of which direction my photography is going in.
And, Leaving it alone, and not putting it in words.
Standing on the brink of the lake filled with emotions, I looked down into it.
As a bystander, I’m walking with camera as calmly as calmly as anything I can feel breeze on my cheek.
What I can see from my works is
“Fears that exists at the bottom of all human.”I feel it’s also beautiful though.


What can we see from you in 2015?
Gradually my pictures are fading, quivering and falling apart.
I feel like I’m painting with a brush with water on  a white paper.
So I’ll show you what you barely see.