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The Potent Projections of Swedish Photographer Viktor Lindström

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Viktor Lindström is 23 years old and living with four friends in an apartment in Malmö, Sweden


How would you describe your work?
I think my photography often ends up dealing with questions about perception of reality and transience. When it comes to how I use photography, I believe its like how many others do. To try to photograph something that visually captures ones attention, but sometimes I think it may be enough that I’m in a moment that I feel is important for some reason. For me, I could say it ends up as a visual expression of whats going on in my head. but I do however neither believe its that simple and accurate nor that complicated if that makes any sense.


How did your love of photography begin? 
I bought a camera and attended a two year education. I think I was keen on learning and pretty open minded. I noticed a feeling of freedom in the medium that I liked, as well as thinking about photography. I did also find that the practice of taking pictures was very convenient and sometimes meditative.


Why do you use film photography over digital?
I like to be able to stay in the same kind of state before the picture is taken as after. I like the fact that I don’t get affected by the outcome of the photo as well, and then for the practical matter of me keeping on taking pictures as theres always a roll that has to be finished and latent images that I eventually want to see. As I’m not taking that many pictures it doesn’t become an economical question.


Tell me about the photography scene in Sweden?
I don’t really know about the state of Swedish photography as an art form, but I’m sure there is someone somewhere in Sweden, as well, trying to push the limits of the medium. I’m also sure that here are people, other than me and my friends, who are exploring it as a form of reflection or as a spontaneous form of creativity; everybody is taking pictures but we lack a general discussion.


Where in the world would you like to travel?
I would like to travel by car in Poland. To go hiking far somewhere as well. Nepal, lots of places. Ibiza!


What can we see from you in 2015?
I’m attending a course at Akademin Valand roughly called photography, figuration and the creative process. The idea is to find another way to work with pictures, a way which is closer to how I perceive myself as a photographer. I have the hope that the project itself, will not only revolve around the process but that it in the end will have grown or been boiled down to something that can speak for itself. I’ve got early stage ideas of another project which I intend to understand and let evolve this autumn as well.