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Kitty Cowell

Monday 06 July 2015

Stylist and fashion blogger Kitty Cowell is one of the biggest bright young things on London’s style scene and has worked with major brands like Nike, artists like Sneakbo – and Spindle of course! After modelling for us in athis exclusive new editorial, Kitty shared her thoughts about making it in the fashion industry, what it truly means to have style, and – most importantly – where she gets all her amazing clothes from… 

You style, work in fashion PR, edit a style/culture blog AND occasionally model – how do you find time to fit it all in??

I don’t sleep a lot! London is a very expensive and competitive place, so having lots of jobs is how many people survive. I’m streamlining my life at the moment, as I want to focus on blogging and styling, so I’m leaving PR next week. I’ve worked really hard to be able to do that – having the support of a salary has been amazing, but now I have a lot of freelance jobs with styling and blogging, so I’m off to make my own salary! I also think it’s really good to get to know all aspects of the industry you want to work in, as it makes you way better at your job – and a lot nicer to work with for other people, when you understand their job.




How would you describe your personal style?

I’m half tomboy, half Barbie! I love trainers and streetwear, but I also love choker necklaces and skater dresses a lot. I like to fuse the two extremes together to create my own mix. I hate being tooo girly and tooo tomboy – I like a happy medium!

What have been some of your most fun campaigns to work on so far?

Hmmm… Working with brands like Nike is really exciting to me, because I dreamed of working with them growing up. Working on big studio shoots with really big teams is also exciting, just because it’s all so big. Music videos are very exciting too, because there’s a lot happening in the day and the final outcome is always so amazing – it’s such an achievement to see it come together.




In your wardrobe, what are your favourite can’t-live-without-them pieces?

My black biker jacket (classic), my silver Monki drawstring rucksack (because it adds a bit of shine to any outfit and it’s very practical) and my Adidas XZ 500 OG Weave in baby pink and black.

If you could pick anybody to style, who would it be? 

That’s SO hard. I think off the top of my head I would say Kendrick Lamar, because he’s incredibly talented and a lyrical genius. I love hip-hop and streetwear, as well as high-end streetwear, and I think we would work well together.




You’re known as a pretty influential figure in London fashion. Tell us – how does someone go from following trends to actively creating them? (Is it about more than just knowing what clothes look good?)

Aww, thank you! There are so many ‘taste makers’ and ‘influencers’ now. Good taste is key, but that’s not just knowing how to put together sought-after pieces, because that’s easy! Real tastemakers create trends, domineer press and reposition brands/trends they are passionate about and no one else cared about. Elevating is inspirational. I think knowing who ‘you’ truly are will help you to create trends other people will follow… it may sound deep, but what’s on the inside shows on the outside! I honestly believe that.

What do you think it means to truly be stylish?

Being real and putting your own twist on classic style. Being over-the-top creates a statement, but for me it isn’t stylish – it’s more artistic.




What projects have you got in the works at the moment?

Oh, that would be telling haha. I have some campaigns/lookbooks booked in, and lots of magazine shoots. As I mentioned, I’m leaving PR, so I will be focusing on my styling jobs and also my blog (The Unisex Mode) with my friend Jess. We’re going to focus a lot more on creating even better blog work, and push it further that we’ve been able to before.

Do you have any horror stories from past styling jobs?

I have turned up on-set to the sweatiest, warmest cafe before, with hardly any room to dress a big artist and been very angry at the organisation. But you get used to coping with these things. I haven’t got any horror stories really – sometimes things happen you wish didn’t, but you just adapt with it and make it work! It’s very hard work, that’s all I would say!





What have you been listening to this summer?

Kendrick Lamar, Skepta, Future Islands and Bring Me The Horizon – as you can see, my taste is pretty varied!

Where do you get your clothes from?

Nikita, Nike, Adidas, Motel Rocks, Monki, UNIF, vintage stores and & Other Stories. I also love Lacoste bags and Gucci or Prada bags. I would rather save up for something extra-special than have lots of cheap things.


Hair and Makeup by Sophie Cox using Nars Cosmetics and Bumble and Bumble.

All clothing is UNIF and the footwear is Cat