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5 Questions: Strange Wilds

Tuesday 04 August 2015
Words Ailis Mara

Inspired by the Key Stage 3 English Lesson classic, 5 Questions uses the magic of ‘who what when where and why’ as a concise, scientifically engineered profiling of our musical guest.

Strange Wild’s frantic and scuzzed-out sound place them neatly in a prestigious lineage of musical talent who’ve found break-neck inspiration from the streets of Olympia, Washington.

Their latest album Subjective Concepts was released recently on Sub Pop Records and to mark the occasion, we fired lead vocalist and guitarist Steven over 5 questions to answer. See below for his answers.


Who supports you the most?
Steven: Right now it’s probably our label, Sub Pop. They’ve put a bunch of money and effort behind us and we’ve been really lucky to have that. Everyone who works there is really great and it’s such a fun vibe.

What was your last dream?
S: I was walking through some second hand store and I wandered into a section with guitars and amps. Then this little kid came up to me and said he’d give me some tool so I could gauge the power that was coming from my amp. He was sort of annoying. I think I had it because the other night my guitar amp was super quiet at a show and I was worried it was broken. Turns out it was switched to “Lo Power” mode instead of “Hi
Power”. Opps.

Where would you be if you weren’t playing music?
S: Writing and making movies. Well that’s where I’d want to be. I also want to write comic books.

When did you write your first song/first pick up an instrument?
S: I got my first guitar when I was six or seven. It was an acoustic. I don’t think I actually wrote a song until I was much older though, like
eleven or twelve.

Why does Olympia seem to produce so many great bands?
S: “It’s the water”. No, it’s just a really great community. It’s always in flux because of the college, Evergreen. A lot of artistic and creative people come and go every year but some of them stay. It’s like a melting pot of creativity.