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5 Questions: Talkin’ Crazy With Syron

Tuesday 25 August 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Of all the scenes to have produced stunning examples of vision and musical originality these past few years, homegrown UK songwriting talent has made perhaps the most stunning impression.

South London native Syron has emerged as one of the most anticipated talents of recent years, gaining support from towering figures such as The XX and Danny Brown. Syron’s garage-infused, soul-soaked pop music has also earned praise from MTV One and ID Magazine, with her being named the US broadcast giant’s “One To Watch”.

With latest track Talkin’ Crazy filling dancefloors and soundtracking summer sunsets up and down the country, we sat down with Syron to talk beginnings and what the future holds. Pre-order Syron’s new single “Talkin Crazy” here.


Who supports you the most?

To be honest I’m so lucky I have a lot of people around be that are crazy supportive. My friends are all really supportive, my management are really supportive too, I’m sure there are times I’m not the easiest to manage. My stylist and hairdresser who are two of my best friends are crazy supportive too. My little sister, and the winners my mum and dad, they’re obvs like Syron number 1 fans.

What are your goals for 2015?

I don’t like to set exact goals cause you never know whats gonna happen or when. But I guess just to keep writing and to keep doing as many shows as possible to get everything ready for my next release earlier 2016.

Where do you consider home?

To be honest I’ve moved quite a bit and I like moving, so I guess just where the people I love happen to be. But south-east London will always be home. Its where basically all my friends are, and where I grew up.

When will you next be leaving the country?

I’m going to Lithuania for three days for a show on 3rd September. I’m going with my two dancers and my DJ, there all super fun girls, so I’m sure It’ll be a party after the show.

Why did you choose to be a songwriter?

I choose to be a songwriter cause I’ve always been a singer with a lot to say. I write about my real life, real stories and real feelings. I don’t think I could sing songs other people had written to be honest; I guess they just wouldn’t be me. And I quite like being me, so that’s why I choose to be a songwriter


Image Credits

Talent – SYRON

Photography – Darren Black

Stylist – Callum Vincent

Hair – Brady lea @ Stella creative Artists (usng Hair Rehab London)

Make up – Hadeel El-Tal (using Mac Cosmetics & Dr Hauschka Skin Care)

All clothing & Jewellery – GOGO Phillip

Boots – Public Desire

Shoes – Gina