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Absurd, Abstract and Meaty: An Interview With Serious Design’s Matija Erceg

Thursday 06 August 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

Matija Erceg is the mastermind of Serious Design, one of the most delightfully repulsive and visually strange corners of the internet. Mince handbags, pork USB sticks and sausage nunchuks are just a few of the creations which fill his his Instagram + website.

The reimagined everyday objects, tied together by vivid colours and an oddball sense of humour, contribute to what is one of the most simple yet ingenious visual-arts projects we’ve seen for a long time. So how could we not get an interview and dig deeper into the origins and motivators of Serious Design.


When did you start creating pieces under the SRSDSGN title?

50 weeks ago, according to Instagram.

Do you ever set out to spark a certain reaction from people?

I always want them to want the object that they’re simultaneously disgusted by.


Why do you like using raw meat so often?

Because it’s very good at getting the above reaction. Also because it is beautiful, and lends itself very well to being turned into an object.

Is it a messy job?

It may become one, once I start to make the objects in real life.


How long does each piece usually take to make?

Usually at least half an hour. Some take a few hours.

You live in Vancouver right? Have you always lived there?

I moved to Vancouver 20 years ago, from Serbia. Every meal in Serbia comes with meat, pretty much.


Have you ever thought about putting your work in a gallery? It could be great to have all the raw meat in one hot room.

I have actually; I’m looking at the logistics of making that happen with an art manager.

Do you think you’ll ever run out of everyday objects to manipulate?

Hard to say. I think the project will probably take a different turn before I run out of objects.

Do you have any other projects, past future or present you’d care to tell us about?

100% top secret.