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Ta-ra, Cilla: The Nation Mourns An Icon

Tuesday 04 August 2015

This week the nation is mourning beloved entertainer and snappy dresser Cilla Black, who has died aged 72.

If The Queen is the nation’s Grandmother, Cilla was our slightly pissed great aunt: lively, gregarious and armed with a fabulous collection of outfits and bags of radiant warmth.

Born Priscilla White in Liverpool, she shot to fame as a singer in the 1960s, hanging out with The Beatles, The Stones and Cliff Richard.

Cilla’s greatest success came in the 80s and 90s as she fronted two shows that came to epitomise Nan-centric Saturday night entertainment. Surprise Surprise saw Cilla not only write the theme tune and sing the theme tune, but also reunite long-lost relatives in prime time; while her fairy matchmaker godmother routine on Blind Date provided a healthy dose of family-friendly innuendo of a Saturday evening.

A key part of everyone’s childhood: Cilla, we will miss you.

Check out the video below to see the moment Cilla delivered some serious sass to a Blind Date contestant who turned out to be an undercover journalist working for Cosmopolitan.