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Ben from Coasts Reviews the Christopher Raeburn S/S16 Show

Friday 25 September 2015

Following our recent feature with indie rock heroes Coasts, we were excited to partner with the boys again for London Fashion Week. On Tuesday, Chris and Ben headed to the BFC Brewer Street Car Park space to report on the S/S16 show by Christopher Raeburn for us. Raeburn is a British designer known for his cool, contemporary and innovative approach to fashion, so we thought his collection would be the perfect one for the guys to experience! Afterwards we caught up with Ben to find out what he thought of the new season styles. 




What were your overall impressions of the Christopher Raeburn show?

I really enjoyed it – I thought it was quite a spectacle. I also enjoyed the music that went along with it, very tribal, meant to conjure up the jungles of Borneo which was hinted at in the collection. In terms of the fashion itself, I really liked the transparent materials that were used – especially the flowing, almost ethereal torn fabrics they used a lot.


What was your favourite look?

The transparent materials with the light blue squares of different fabric, which suggested at the figure of the woman beneath, that was quite nice, that’s meant to be big this year… also the oversized bumbags worn on the back were quite interesting with different varieties of leather.




And was there anything featured that you weren’t so keen on?

I wasn’t such a big fan of the khaki military collection. It was quite androgynous, which wasn’t the main problem, more that I don’t see that doing so well – it was a bit angular, and wasn’t quite as flowing as the rest of the designs.


Coasts Christopher Raeburn


What kind of woman do you think would wear the clothes from this collection?

Maybe quite an androgynous-looking woman, especially someone who’s into her high fashion; it’s quite catwalk-y, not your average everyday kind of high street Topshop-style fashion.


Christopher Raeburn


Where could you see the designs being worn?

Mainly on the catwalk, but I think at some special sort of dinner or occasion where high fashion would be suited… maybe like the Italian riviera. [The collection] was meant to conjure up ideas of a jungle in Borneo, so I suppose maybe down in South America?


Did you spot anyone interesting on the front row?

Yeah, I saw Proudlock from Made in Chelsea with his girlfriend (or a woman he was with!).




And what kind of music did the show have?

It was interesting, it ranged from really basic tribal beats with jungle sounds interlaced, and then it picked up and became almost like high-paced jungle music. It matched the collection quite well, I think.


What did you think of the catwalk experience overall?

Overall I was very impressed! It was my first time going to a proper catwalk show like that. The lighting was really blunt and bright, which made the models even more impressive, and the music was quite an important part of it. It was nice to mingle with designers and people of the high fashion world.