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Chatting Fashion with Chris & Ben of Coasts

Monday 28 September 2015

As part of our artist collaboration series over London Fashion Week S/S16, we asked Chris and Ben (two fifths of British indie rock band Coasts) to head over to the new BFC space on Soho’s Brewer Street to soak up the whole LFW experience and report back for us. In between getting papped by the press, perusing cool new styles in the Designer Showrooms and attending the Christopher Raeburn show (check out Ben’s exclusive review), we managed to squeeze in a quick style-inspired interview at a nearby coffee shop.




Who are your favourite designers?

Chris: I like Phillip Lim. I’ve got a piece from his last collection; he works in layers which I like. It’s a bomber jacket with a hood, really nice.

Ben: Primury trainers, which are like plimsolls with a bit of a twist – cool designs.


Where do you find cool clothes?

Ben: I live with some photographers that do a lot of fashion work, so that’s where I find a lot of my stuff. And then through the band as well. There’s a place at Boxpark Shoreditch called Nordic Poetry and they do a lot of re-imagined vintage stuff, loads of jackets and really nice pieces in there. I live around the Shoreditch area, so I’m spoilt for choice!

Chris: We’re really interested in fashion, all the elements and new things. I’ve been to Dover Street Market a few times. Shopping online is an amazing way to find absolutely everything.




What is currently your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

Ben: I’ve got a bomber with a longline back; I’m wearing it now. I got it in Seattle, and it’s by Minimalism. We just bought it on the street from a rail as we were walking past, really cool.




Are you much of a people-watcher when it comes to spotting style on the street?

Chris: I saw the drummer for The Maccabees on the train this morning… we’re in London, so there’s loads of people with great style.

Ben: I saw the lead singer for Years & Years, he lives up in Hackney. I liked his hair! He’s rocking that 90’s vibe.


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?

Chris: Oh man! I had an orange vest. Pretty dreadful. It was nearly mesh, really thin.

Ben: I had some felt Adidas joggers and they were sort of tapered at the ends. [To Chris] Do you remember those? I used to drum in them for ages. They were literally felt, the stripes too. They felt horrible.

Chris: You should bring them back.

Ben: Maybe they’ll come around again, but I don’t think I should…




Where you part of any style tribes when you were younger?

Ben: I was in a bit of a ska punk band; that scene used to wear ripped jeans, beaten-up old vans and old Metallica or Slayer T-shirts.

Chris: I used to be into like, rap music and-hip hop when I was younger… I literally used to wear stuff like that.




How would you describe your style now?

Ben: Quite minimal.

Chris: I want to get away from that, wearing a lot of black and white – I like layers and stuff.

Ben: I like that almost Scandanavian thing that’s going on;  seeing people with baggier trousers around London. And then the guy who does Primury trainers, not trying to sell them too much!




What’s the most important thing you look for when buying clothes?

Chris: Price tag! Just kidding. That it suits your body type – in the band we all have quite different body types, and it’s quite interesting to play around with that.