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Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond

Friday 16 October 2015

In our special full-length feature with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Etta Bond, we found out all about her music – but now, it’s time to discover the Londoner’s thoughts on self-expression. Having recently gone in for a bold new look (peep that amazing pastel crop), Etta’s striking and unique approach to image is a style all its own. 

In our latest edition of ‘Five Fashion Questions’, we chatted to Etta in a busy Soho coffee shop (just before she reviewed the S/S16 Teatum Jones catwalk show for us at LFW) – and even found time to squeeze in a quick photo shoot too.


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 3


Who are your favourite designers?

I’m going to be honest… my knowledge isn’t really that up on designers, and I’m not that fussed about labels. I’d rather go to a charity shop and spend £20 and buy four items, or like a treasure that I’ve found, that’s more my style. I think once I’ve got more money I’ll have a better answer for you!


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 5


What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe right now?

Well, I just bought this kimono. It reminds me of my mum – if you know my mum, this is very her, the colour as well. Other than that, I would probably say my DMs, which I wear with everything. Can’t go without those!


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 8


Charity shops aside, where do you like to look for clothes?

If I want to splash out, I would probably take it up a notch and go to Brick Lane or somewhere with loads of vintage shops. I do like Blitz, that’s where I got my kimono from… anywhere like Rokkit, I’m happy there.


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 7


When you were younger, what was the most embarrassing thing you ever wore?

I don’t know… I was a bit fat when I was younger, so that was the most embarrassing part of it all. I was a really chubby little girl. I don’t look back on old photos and think, ‘What was I wearing?’ – I think, ‘Oh my god, what was I eating??’ I was massive.


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 6


And lastly… how would you describe your personal style?

Comfortable and strong.


Five Fashion Questions with Etta Bond 1